Som Massage

By | June 2, 2020

Address: 261 Soi Buakhao, Pattaya City, Chon Buri, Thailand
Phone: 064-692-9947

Achieving the balance between the body, mind and soul is integral in experiencing a wholesome, healthy lifestyle. We invite you to enjoy life more fully with your experiences from Som’s massage. Whether it is pampering, stress reduction or relaxation, you can look forward to receiving the best treatments from our highly skilled therapists.So relax, sit back and indulge yourself with our treatments.If you are seeking absolute revitalization of your mind, body and soul, then Som’s massage should be your destination.

Som massage spa has become synonymous with authentic spa services, which has been ranked among the top spa genres in Pattaya. Som’s massage enjoys this elevated status because it features herbal / holistic practices that have been fine-tuned to perfection with healing techniques and folk wisdom. Som massage offers you relaxing spa therapies with all its authenticity, intricacies and wisdom.Whether it is the world famous, age-old massages or traditional therapies, reflexology, body treatments, body wraps, scrubs, we have a complete package specially designed for your revitalizing needs.

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