Sawan Massage

By | May 9, 2020

Address: Soi Buakhao

If a massage is what you are after, we recommend that you drop by one of the Sawan Massage establishments located just before the end of the Soi before Pattaya Klang. Sawan Massage employs a variety of service staff to fit your individual preferences. There will certainly be a masseuse to your liking at one of the three shops. Sawan is one of the more established Massage parlors on the Soi. Simply choose the masseuse you desire and select the type of massage that you would like. Visitors can choose between a variety of massages from traditional Thai massage to the more intimate and widely requested oil massage. Showers are available on-site and patrons may be asked to wash off the dirt and sweat from the day in preparation of their massage therapy. If you do not wish to be all oily when you are finished, a shower may be requested or suggested after the treatment as well.Whether you are looking for ultimate relaxation, or you simply need a foot or neck and head massage to take off the stresses of the day, you will find all this and more at Sawan. Drop by and let one of their beautiful and experienced masseuses help you forget your worries for a while.

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