P.P. Body Massage

By | May 13, 2020

Location : Soi Chalarmprakiat 21, Pattata 3 road, Pattaya, Thailand
Tel : (038) 411 111 , (038) 424 800 , Fax : (038) 429 829
Open : 12.00 P.M. – 24.00 P.M.

The Ultimate Sensual Relaxation Experience In Pattaya

The Ideal opportunity to spend your quality relaxation time after playing golf, shopping,
the morning after a night out; whatever the reason we are here for you without having to
spend your time searching for a massage shop in the hot tropical humid heat or rainy season
that Pattaya provides we are your one stop massage provider P.P. BODY MASSAGE at Pattaya

Our Services

Red Space ……………………………….1 and a half hours.
Blue Space …………………………….. 1 and a half hours.

Business Hours : 12:00 ~ 24:00

We have a wide selection of Spirits, Cocktails and Beers.
Sit relax and enjoy the great atmosphere with you favorite drink.
Our friendly staff are always ready to serve you.

Located in the Buakhao area of Pattaya, P.P. Body Massage has a more relaxed atmosphere than the sex parlors on Second Road. But of course, that doesn’t really matter as soon as you are in the room with your girl.

The fishbowl in P.P. is the only one in Pattaya with glass – that’s the traditional style, but most of the newer establishments don’t do that anymore, so you can see the women sitting there better.

But nevertheless, the housekeeping lady does a good job in regularly cleaning the glass, so you have clear views of the 30-40 girls who have red and blue labels, and sitting randomly around, not separated by category like elsewhere.

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