Ozzie Health Massage

By | June 12, 2020

Ozzie Health Massage Pattaya Thailand
Phone:+66 92 386 7987

The girls can provide you with a range of treatments from an sensational oil massage or a body scrub to a traditional Thai massage.However, the majority of their trade would appear to be people seeking a foot massage, judging by the amount of comfortable chairs available.Customers are invited to lie back as the girl positions herself at your feet on a small stool and prepares to ease away the aches and pains from your feet, possibly after you have been walking all day.She will use her fingers, knuckles, thumbs and palms to manipulate every part of the soles of each foot, delivering a relaxing service.The skill derives from ancient reflexology techniques, where they massage various points of the feet, which are believed to provide benefits to other areas of the body, in a similar way that acupuncture works. Pressure points are stimulated by expert hands to deliver a range of benefits for the customer.There is no doubt that a foot massage can ease aches and pains but it can also provide better blood circulation and sleep, relieve stress and anxiety, reduce migraine attacks and even improve your sex life.Some claim that it can reduce the effects of depression, lower blood pressure or that it is good for women going through the menopause or suffering from PMS.Irrespective of these benefits, you will find a good foot massage to be a relaxing affair, where you can sit back and enjoy an hour in a carefree environment and it won’t cost you a lot of money in Pattaya.

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