Massaging Hands

By | May 22, 2020

Soi Buakhao, Pattaya 20150 Thailandia

Are you looking for a professional Thai massage in Pattaya? While there are many Thai massage shops all over Thailand trying to find a good one it is sometimes a challenge. In the provinces massages are mainly for local Thais and they know what they want, unfortunately in many tourist destinations the quality is often compromised by the demand from tourists with a non or minimal Thai massage experience. Pattaya is a classic tourist destination and there must be at least 4,000 shops in the city, so how to choose. The first rule is to get off the main tourist roads and explore some secondary roads. If the women on the outside are quite seductive in their attempts to lure you in, their intentions may not be to provide a traditional massage! Massaging Hands is a simply decorated shop with women sitting outside waiting for customers. Despite the simplicity you will notice that the place is perfectly clean and well organized. Massaging Hands has a full massage license and all women have massage school diplomas. The manager Mai even graduated from Wat Po, the most prestigious massage school in Thailand. Massaging Hands offers traditional Thai massage, oil massage and foot massage with additional specialized massages including neck and shoulders, hot stones and hot herbs. A massage shop is rather like a barber / hairdresser, once you find a place you like you will come back. Get to know the staff and therapists you prefer. You are also assured that each massage will be of constant high quality.

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