Let’s Relax Spa (Siam Square One)

By | May 21, 2020

Address: 6th Floor (Summer Zone) of Siam Square One Bangkok
Phone: +66 2252 2228

Like all good massage shops, they offer a wide range of services and treatments all with their own benefits for the customer. Here you can enjoy the traditional Thai massage, Head and Shoulder treatment, Aloe Vera, Body Scrub, Hot Herbal Ball and Foot massage. Manicures and Pedicures are also on offer if you wish to make use of those services. Looking at some of the treatments, we can give you some idea of what to expect and the benefits from those massages. Aloe Vera for instances is generally used on someone who is suffering from sunburn, to reduce the heat and prevent the skin from flaking or further damage being done.A good foot massage can ease the pains of a long day, trekking around the streets of Bangkok. It can also help increase blood flow and reduce the frequency of headaches.The oil and body scrub are full body treatments, which are performed with the customer in a state of undress. Oil is rubbed all over the body as the masseuse’s hands glide over the skin, delivering a sensational, relaxing experience. The body scrub is similar but with an abrasive ingredient added to the oil, so that dead skin is removed during the treatment, leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.The one treatment that everyone has heard of when they arrive in Bangkok, is the Thai massage. The customer can remain clothed or in many instances, loose clothing is provided. The girl will not use oils during the course of the treatment as she rubs, compresses, pulls and stretches each muscle and limb. You will be shocked at how strong these ladies are, when then rock you back and forth into a variety of positions, as she uses her hands, arms, knees, elbows and even her feet to deliver this treatment. For this massage, you should be physically fit and inform the masseuse if you have any ailments such as back injuries.

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