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By | May 20, 2020

Address: 216/57 ม.10 ถนน พัทยาสายสอง (9251,38 km) 20150 Pattaya
Phone: +66 38 720 057

Thai Massage
Traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions. The recipient remains clothed during the massage. There is constant body contact as the masseuse works her magic. The muscles are stretched, pulled and rocked during the process.

Foot Massage
This massage is usually performed for relaxation purposes. It is believed there are points on our feet that correspond to different organs in the body. Stimulation of these points can cause significant reduction in pain. Foot massage can also promote better sleep.

Oil Massage
This form of massage stimulates the muscles of the body using massage oil, in order to promote health and rejuvenation of the body. The use of oils help the hands slide easily over the recipients muscles. This sort of massage eases tension and stress and can ease pains in affected muscles.

Body Scrub
A body scrub is performed over parts of the body to remove dead skin through exfoliation as well as cleanse the skin and increase the body’s blood circulation. The exfoliating component needs to be abrasive enough to achieve this but no strong enough to damage healthy skin.

Also on offer are Thai mixed oils, Aroma, Aloe vera and body lotion massages.

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