Eden Massage

By | May 16, 2020

Address:Soi Diana close to LKMetro on soi Buakhao

You will have , some of the yoga style positions that a Thai massage involves as the girl uses ever part of her body to maneuver you into strange postures. She will use hands, elbows, knees and even her feet to deliver this massage. It is not for anyone suffering from any form of injury but if you are fit, it is a massage worth having.Head and shoulders massage is a wonderful way to relieve yourself of daily tension and stress. It is an amazingly relaxing affair, which will leave you feeling content and happy.The foot massage is one that is common throughout the city. The masseuse will work her magic on your aching feet. This is good after a day of trekking around tourist destinations.The oil massage is just brilliant. You have to strip off for this one but you will be in heaven as oils are gently massaged into your skin by the expert hands of a skilled masseuse. The treatment is sensational and one that everyone should try.They offer a range of massage services here. Speak to the girls and see which one is most suited to you.

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