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There are a number of massage shops in Pattaya which are liberally scattered throughout the tourist centres. These shops often advertise themselves with a large reflexology picture outside. There is a profusion of large and popular ones around the junction of Beach Road and South Pattaya Road, where twenty or more clients can be served at the same time. Other massage shops in Pattaya are very simple, consisting of a few mattresses on the floor, with clean linen. But this does not mean that the massage in such shops is In general, older women are the most experienced and skilled at giving massage.Those massage shops which attract customers by the hoardings of young girls are less likely to give you a real Thai massage and they attract customers through.For more luxurious ambience, one may visit hotels and spas. They often provide nicely decorated and scented private cubicles with soft music, as well as more of a guarantee that the masseuse is a good one. But they are out of the reach of the tourists on a tight budget because they are at least twice as expensive and not necessarily any better. Usually a Thai massage in Pattaya costs 200 baht an hour and a foot or oil massage is 300 baht an hour in the small shops.On the beach, the prices may be negotiable as most of the ladies will start off by asking you for 300 or 400 baht for one hour and may settle for 200 baht. Although there are many choices of massage shops in Pattaya, we have recommended a few for you. When choosing a massage shop, one should look for the certificates on the wall which show that the masseuses have been properly trained. Some locals have favourite places they regularly visit, often due to the friendly and relaxed character of the masseuse. Most of the masseuses are ladies. Foot massages are always offered at the Tuesday and Friday market off South Pattaya Road, on the beach and at popular events.

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