Bali Hai Massage

By | May 17, 2020

Address: Bali Hai Massage, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Thailand
Phone: 097-305-6653

Judging by what is advertised and the amount of beds inside the shop, their most popular treatments are full body massages. This could be in the form of a traditional Thai massage, which everyone across the globe has surely at least heard of, or an oil based service.The Thai massage is something that you should only take if you are physically fit. You should advise the masseuse of things such as back pain or joint problems before hand.The massage is performed with the client wearing loose clothing. The girl will ask you to lie down and will proceed to maneuver you into a serious of yoga style positions, pulling and stretching limbs and muscles as she does so. She will user every part of her body to manipulate you. Hands will compress muscles, fingers, thumbs, elbows and even her feet will be hard at work during this massage. You will be amazed at how someone so small can throw you around the massage table, seemingly at will to deliver a treatment that has many benefits.The oil based massages are a much more relaxed affair. You will be asked to strip naked and even have a shower, depending on the venue. A towel is provided to cover your modesty.Then you will lie face down as the masseuse gently rubs oil into your skin, caressing and rubbing each muscle in turn. She may press or kneed the limbs to bring blood to the surface of the body, which aids in the process.You will turn over and her hands will glide over your torso, arms and legs once more, as she gives you one of the most sensual and relaxing treatments you are ever likely to experience. And all for the price of a large beer, making it a wonderful way to spend an hour or two. They do offer other treatments such as the foot massage, head and shoulder or body scrub. Let them know your requirements and they will do their best to assist.

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