Baan Thai Massage

By | May 12, 2020

BAAN THAI massage Pattaya City Chon Buri Thailand
Phone 093-048-3089

You can expect to be offered all the popular massages at Baan Thai Massage, including the foot massage, head and shoulder treatment, after sun care, the traditional Thai massage and a range of oil based services.The foot massage is very popular. Just sit back, raise your legs and let one of the girls massage away the aches and pains from your feet. She will use fingers, thumbs and knuckles to put pressure on a variety of nerves and pressure points, which not only eases the pain from being on your feet all day but can ease stress, anxiety and reduce migraine attacks.Or you could go for a full body oil massage. For this one you strip off with a towel being presented to you to cover your dignity. The lie face down, let the girl tenderly rub your oil of choice into each muscle, gently kneading as she goes.It is a superb relaxing and sensational treatment that will often see the person dozing off, such is the relaxation benefits. Turn over and enjoy the whole experience again.No matter which treatment you opt for, you are in for a treat in Pattaya.

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